Chapter 6


Introduction: A Colourful World
What Is Colour? How Is It Made?
Design In Colours
Molecules That Produce Colour: Pigments
The Language Of Colours
A Topic Evolution Cannot Explain: Harmony And Symmetry

When a wise and conscientious person looks around, he will immediately see the fact of creation. This is so because Allah has created everything for us to know Him and ponder upon what He created.

For a person who has developed this understanding, it would be completely irrational to claim that the delicate balances constituting life came about by "chance". For each interdependently working piece forming this order has an extremely important role in the overall process. The colours of living things, which are the subject matter of this book, are one of the most important components of the order in the universe.

As seen in the examples given so far, the colours, patterns, spots, and even lines on the creatures in nature have a meaning. Colours, sometimes used as a means of communication, sometimes as a warning for predators, have a vital importance for living beings. This is so much so that the lightness or darkness of that creature's shade of colour, and even the direction of its lines have been specially determined.

The symmetry and order evident in the fish in the photograph is surely the masterpiece of a Creator. This Creator is Allah, the Almighty.

A watchful eye will immediately see that not only living beings but also everything else in nature is just the way it should be, each being in the most appropriate place for it. What's more, he will understand that everything has been given to the service of men. The blue, refreshing colour of the sky, the colourful appearances of flowers, the trees in bright green, the pastures, the moon, which lights up the world in pitch darkness, the stars and all the other beauties that we cannot count are manifestations of the artistry of Allah.

Allah has created the universe and everything animate and inanimate therein flawlessly. Allah has control over all things; He is the Most Powerful, the Almighty.
That is Allah, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is responsible for everything.
(Surat al-An'am: 102)

After all the subjects covered in this book, what falls to someone who has a grasp of the might and the endless artistry of Allah, is to turn towards the real owner of all these beauties and to lead a life that will please Him alone.


Allah is Known Through Reason
The Creation of the Universe
Allah's Artistry in Colour
For Men of Understanding
The Design in Nature
The Miracle in the Ant
The Miracle in the Atom
The Miracle of the Immune System
The Miracle in the Spider
The Secrets of DNA
The Miracle of the Creation in Plants
The Existence of God
Tell Me About the Creation

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