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Fish and amphibians emerged on the Earth suddenly and without any predecessors. Evolutionists cannot explain the origin of either of these living classes.

Evolutionists assume that the sea invertebrates that appeared in the Cambrian stratum somehow evolved into fish over tens of millions of years. However, there is not a single transitional link indicating that evolution occurred between these invertebrates and fish. Actually, the evolution of invertebrates that have their hard tissues outside their bodies and no skeleton into bony fish that have theirs in the middle of their bodies is a very big transformation which should have left a great number of transitional links.

Evolutionists have been digging fossil strata for about 140 years looking for these hypothetical forms. They have found millions of invertebrate fossils and millions of fish fossils; yet nobody has ever found even one that is midway between them.

An evolutionist paleontologist, Gerald T. Todd, asks the following questions in the face of this fact:

All three subdivisions of the bony fishes first appear in the fossil record at approximately the same time… How did they originate? What allowed them to diverge so widely?.. And why is there no trace of earlier, intermediate forms?26

A fossil dating back 280 million years belonging to an extinct frog species. These discoveries reveal that frogs appeared suddenly on the Earth without any predecessors.

The evolutionary scenario also argues that fish, which evolved from invertebrates, later transformed themselves into amphibians which are able to live on land. (Amphibians are animals capable of living both on land and in water, such as frogs.) But as you would imagine, this scenario also lacks evidence. There is not even a single fossil verifying that a half-fish/half-amphibian creature has ever existed. This fact is confirmed, albeit reluctantly, by a well-known evolutionist authority, Robert L. Carroll, who is the author of Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution: "We have no intermediate fossils between rhipidistian fish and early amphibians."27

There is no difference between the fossil fish of hundreds of millions of years ago and modern fish. Fish have been created as fish and always remained so.

In short, both fish and amphibians emerged suddenly and in their present form without any predecessors. In other words, God created them in a perfect form.


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