Colourful Look At The Human Body

The Four Animals Emphasised in the Qur'an: The Gnat
The Honey Bee
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Human Being
The Mechanisms in Our Body
Colourful Look At The Human Body
Defence System
The Signs in Living Beings: Professional Hunters
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The Mysteries In The Reproduction
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The Migration of Birds
Nature and Technology
The Earth: A Planet Created for Mankind
Recent Scientific Findings and the Qur'an

The tissues seen above are building blocks of a developing bone. Resembling unordered timbers at the first look, these tissues will increasingly strengthen and become an extremely hard and strong bone.

Green extensions function like an air filter. Their job is to clean the air we inhale. The extensions are covered with a viscous substance called "mucus". Thus, foreign materials are prevented from reaching the lung.

1. Heart tissue, 2. Stomach tissue, 3. Lung tissue (1), 4. Primary tissue, 5. Retinal tissue, 6. Lung tissue (2), 7. Inner ear tissue, 8. Destroyers, 9. Erythrocytes

Allah is Known Through Reason
The Creation of the Universe
Allah's Artistry in Colour
For Men of Understanding
The Design in Nature
The Miracle in the Ant
The Miracle in the Atom
The Miracle of the Immune System
The Miracle in the Spider
The Secrets of DNA
The Miracle of the Creation in Plants
The Existence of God
Tell Me About the Creation

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